The large spaces of an old toy factory have been converted to house the new Nasini Architetti headquarters.

The redevelopment of the complex includes new functions: offices, residences and creative spaces such as the Atelier of artist Marco Nereo Rotelli.

The project has maintained the structure, while preserving the industrial style, creating cosy environments equipped with contemporary technological standards.

From children’s toys to a creativity “factory“, a laboratory of ideas at the service of architecture.


“We love our job because it is the passion that guide us”.

We are a constantly growing team; architects and engineers with different personalities as well as integrated skills, that collaborate with a dynamic and innovative approach on every single project. We reliably manage complex projects with constant monitoring of time, cost e quality, by investing in technology and continuous formation. For us, the using of BIM is a reason for ever greater efficiency and precision in managing work in all its phases.

Arch. Nicola Nasini


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Arch. Michele Vasciaveo

Partner, Project Manager

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Arch. Virginia Fontana

Partner, Project Manager

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Arch. Jacopo Cozzi

Partner, Project Manager

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Arch. Nicola Saibene

Project Manager

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Arch. Rawad Nasr

BIM Manager

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Arch. Pietro Ciurlo


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Arch. Edoardo Lavanna


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Arch. Luca Melis


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Arch. Ilke Cetin


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Arch. Anxhelo Neli

Junior Architect

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Carolina Rainoldi

Marketing Officer

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We are a team who believe in cultural and creative contamination, in intuition, in experimentation. We are committed to designing new spaces that improve the quality of life while respecting the environment.

 Are you an architect, and would you like to join our team?

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Junior Architect 1–2 years of experience Full-Time Collaboration 

Preliminary, final and executive architectural design;

Good knowledge of building practices, metric calculations and specifications;

In-depth knowledge of 2d cad platform BIM-REVIT modeling;

Ability to work in a team and independently, even on multiple assignments;

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Architect/Building Engineer/Surveyor 4 years of experience Full-Time Collaboration

It ‘s required experience in architectural design and construction site, development and implementation of building practices, executive drawings, contract management, preparation of metric calculations and tender specifications;

Indispensable excellent knowledge of the platform cad 2d, it’s a plus a good knowledge of BIM REVIT programs;

It requires working in team and in autonomy, even on more assignments, with a strong attitude to problem-solving;

Immediate availability

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         Milano – Via M. F. Quintiliano n.24

         Mendrisio – Via Vincenzo Vela, 6

Milano-+39 0272008037

Mendrisio- +41 0916466265