Inside an old toy factory, at number 24 Via Quintiliano in Milan, NA renovates spaces for artists, graphic designers, designers and architects. This is how “NASINI ARCHITECTS” found its home. When will you visit us in “QUINT’AVENUE”?
The pandemic does not stop MILAN! Construction work has never stopped and in fact, NA has started a major new building site in Milan, in the Greco area, near the BICOCCA University. As a matter of fact, Milan’s universities continue to grow in the international rankings and over the next few years more than 200,000 students from all over the world are expected in Milan.
We are now on LinkedIn, a valuable channel where we can keep you updated on our projects and the progress of our work. Our daily commitment is to design dynamic and sustainable places that evoke emotions and improve the quality of life while respecting the planet. Welcome on board!
NA wins a major Competition, called by the Milan Triennale, to imagine the future of the Monza Park. Nicola Nasini group leader of several experts including the BOCCONI University.
Despite the challenges of the current period, the project for the construction of the first Italian hotel of the Japanese chain Toyoko INN continues. Construction is expected to be completed before the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan.
An inspiring interview with Nicola Nasini for GREEN initiatives in Milan

Urbanfile talks about our project in a detailed article on our interventions. In the heart of Milan, Via Santa Maria alla Porta 9.
The redevelopment works of an outstanding eighteenth-century building complex adjacent to the Roman Imperial Palace are in their finishing phase. The goal of the whole intervention was the reconstruction of the bodies of the building that were bombed during the last world war and never restored.

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